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Police hand out hundreds of traffic tickets every day in Texas, meaning that hundreds of drivers every day are hit with steep fines. However, for many drivers, the fines are just part of the problem. For some Texas drivers, a moving violation ticket can lead to professional and personal disaster.

The Law Office of Stewart Rojo is a criminal defense firm in Austin, Texas, that defends the rights of people who are facing legal problems due to traffic-related charges, including DWI/DUI, reckless driving, speeding and more.

We help people who are at risk of losing their licenses and their freedom. We take a holistic approach to representation, looking at the whole picture of our clients' legal issues and working with them to protect their futures.

How Traffic Tickets Can Lead To Disaster

For many people in Texas, a traffic ticket represents little more than an inconvenience, but for others, any kind of traffic-related charges can be much worse.

Drunk driving charges carry harsh penalties and can mean steep fines, license suspension and even time in jail. Commercials drivers, such as truck drivers, can lose their jobs if they are convicted on DWI/DUI charges.

Other traffic-related charges can present huge problems as well, especially for those who have more than one such charge on record, or who have outstanding warrants. Under the Texas point system, every moving violation means at least two points against a driver's license. That applies to any moving violation in any state. If you get more than five points within three years, you face additional fines and the potential of losing your license.

We help people facing these serious problems. We help some clients clear their records through expunction. For others, we work with the court to develop a solution. And for some, we fight the charges in court. We take cases wherever they need to go to do what is best for our clients.